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Buy Attar Online – The Indian Fragrance

Urja Attar are traditional Indian fragrant spray that is safe, pure and lasting. Non-alcoholic and pure, Urja attar are produced from flower petals distilled in water. Some include herbs, wood, spice and resin extracts. Urja Attar have very pleasing and delightful fragrances. Click here to buy attar online.


Urja Attar – Astro Aroma Attar, Alternative for Astrological Gemstones

Urja Attar inspired by connection between fragrance, color and astrological signs. Urja attar offering best quality of non alcoholic traditional fragrance spray commonly called as “Attar”. Produced after a long research these special kind of attar have astrological properties too, and one may use these products as an alternative for astrological gemstones but it is recommended that if used with astrological gemstones Urja attar will speed up the effect of gemstones, Just like astrologers recommend particular gemstone for particular zodiac sign we also have particular attar for each zodiac sign.


Attar Manufacturers in India

We are manufacturers, wholesalers and retailer of Attar, Urja Attar are special kind of attar having astrological properties, Urja Attar are produced after a long research in the field of astrology and natural fragrance and can be used as an alternative or with astrological gemstones. Urja attar have no side or after effects and are prepared and packed under hygienic environment. If used on daily basis we assure that the properties and aura of  Urja attar will bring good fortune in your life based on your planetary positions.

How to buy attar online

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