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Aries Attar

March 21-April 19

Aries Characteristics : Willful, Enterprising, Assertive, Pioneering, Energetic, Impulsive, Impatient, Brave, Carefree, Hot-tempered, Direct, Individualistic

Aries Attar – With its pungent and penetrating fragrance assists the development and helps to transform creative energy into action.Urja’s Aries attars will help you to balance your body and mind and also make you more patient, With its pungent and penetrating fragrance assists the development and helps to transform creative energy into action.

Taurus Attar

April 20-May 20

Taurus Characteristics : Sensual, Grounded, Patient, Steadfast, Stubborn, Predictable, Creative, Self-indulgent, Practical, Kindhearted, Serene, Security Oriented

Taurus Attar : Awakening the heart energy calls forth a sense of spiritual identity and a sense of belonging knowing that our most important journeys must be taken alone and can offer a great gift as we take refuge in secured silence. Taurus Attars used for boosting confidence and self esteem in your relationship.


Gemini Attar


Gemini Attar

May 21-June 21

Gemini Characteristics: Curious, Dual-natured, Talkative, Adaptable, Quick-witted, Youthful, Mercurial, Fickle, Cunning, Spontaneous, Observant, Informative

Gemini Attar : The sharp spicy aroma of Gemini attar brings balance and clarity to the inner emotions as the feeling of a need for control, which is an illusion, begins to fall away allowing you to take a risk of faith and express your true self. Gemini Attar is good to clear stuffy head, and also for calming and ease nervous tension.

Cancer Attar

June 22-July 22

Cancer Characteristics : Nurturing, Sensitive, Hospitable, Sympathetic, Indirect, Defensive, Nostalgic, Protective, Moody, Traditional, Unpredictable, Sentimental

Cancer Attar : This attar is about the freedom to let go of old habits, or beliefs that are no longer useful to the act of living your life full out so that you can move beyond self limitation and move to the freshness of self evolution. Let go and let be. Urja’s Cancer attar is good for balance your mood.


Leo Attar


Leo Attar

July 23-August 22

Leo Characteristics: Self-expressive, Magnanimous, Proud, Self-focused, Faithful, Forthright, Charismatic, Courageous, Cheerful, Dignified, Winsome, Dramatic

Urja’s Leo Attar : Cultivating divine inspiration and trust while dissolving fear and reflecting on the grandness of all that which is also outside of one’s self. Urja’s Leo Attar can help you more focus, ease confusion and clarifies thought.

Virgo Attar

August 23-September 22

Virgo Characteristics: Analytical, Skeptical, Productive, Perfectionist, Detailed, Rational, Critical, Methodical, Anxious, Insightful, Obsessive, Service Oriented

Urja’s Virgo Attar: Warms the heart and releases judgment as it honors the higher spiritual realms. It provides a warm nurturing cloak on the rainy days of your life while encouraging a level of deep questioning about what you truly need to care for yourself. Urja’s Virgo Attar is good for depression and panicky states while helps to relieve mental strain and emotional fatigue.


Libra Attar

September 23-October 22

Libra Characteristics : Diplomatic, Poised, Equitable, Judicious, Indecisive, Sociable, Stylish, Strong Willed, Charming, Orderly, Gracious, Frivolous

Urja’s Libra Attar : It gently reduces extremes within the inner thought processes bringing balance to the emotions, it helps to tone the vibration of the glands and hormones. Urja’s Libra Attars connects us to the fundamental rhythms of the sun, moon, tides and seasons for serene attunement. It is is good for promotes deep, peaceful meditation. Relaxing and charming. Easing depression, stress and fear.

Scorpio Attar

October 23 – November 21

Scorpio Characteristics: Passionate, Forceful, Intense, Determined, Brooding, Resilient, Probing, Regenerative, Emotional, Combative, Resourceful, Secretive.

Urja’s Scorpio Attar: It awakens a deep natural yearning for a peaceful state of being and wholehearted feeling where unification occurs with the soul on all levels. Scorpio attar are good to stimulate the mind to combat mental exhaustion and fatigue due to their explosive emotions.


Sagittarius Attar

November 22-December 21

Sagittarius Characteristics: Adventurous, Optimistic, Versatile, Zealous, Moral, Wise, Exuberant, Jovial, Capricious, Dogmatic, Philosophical, Inspired

Urja’s Sagittarius Attar: Increases mental and physical endurance as it is powerfully stimulation. It is very warming and comforting to the cold physical and emotional conditions. Try to balance your undying optimistic attitude, It stimulates and strengthens the nerves and also very much helpful for uplifting your mood, reviving.

Capricorn Attar

December 22-January 19

Capricorn Characteristics: Loyal, Hardworking, Pragmatic, Structured, Ambitious, Classy, Frugal, Disciplined, Committed, Persistent, Sarcastic, Conservative

Urja’s Capricorn Attar: It has a stabilizing tranquility that brings quiet assurance, drawing you to the earth. It offers support as change takes place with thoughtful consideration. Capricorn Attar will calm your nerves, clears the brain and can help Capricorn to deal with their determination to will exert all their efforts into achieving their mission.


Aquarius Attar

January 20-February 18

Aquarius Characteristics : Cerebral, Altruistic, Egalitarian, Friendly, Philanthropic, Eccentric, Perceptive, Detached, Innovative, Progressive, Rebellious, Independent

Urja’s Aquarius Attar : Is about choice and trusting the emotional intelligence that guides the choices we make as a natural expression of ourselves;and thereby helps us to reshape our life patterns as we access the calm knowing of the higher deeper self. Aquarius attar is great to banish blues and depression and very good to boost your courage, resolve and strength in the face of adversity.

Pisces Attar

February 19-March 20

Pisces Characteristics: Empathetic, Idealistic, Psychic, Selfless, Poetic, Absentminded, Spiritual, Impressionable, Forgiving, Addiction Prone, Imaginative, Romantic

Urja’s Pisces Attar: Is about gratitude and reaching inward to direct the spirit toward a mindful reflection for all that you have to be grateful for, it connects you to a place of grace and allows you to listen to the wisdom of your heart.